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Play65™ provides you with a large selection of backgammon articles, covering any possible aspect of the backgammon world. Try to make the most out of others experience and mistakes. Read about backgammon strategies, tips, backgammon rules, variants, history, tournaments, backgammon for money, backgammon champions and a lot more.

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Play65™ Backgammon Online Read all there is to know about Play65™, the largest backgammon community online. Get acquainted with the technical procedures, the game options, and the many advantages Play65™ has to offer; realistic graphics & sound, highly advanced security systems, innovative features and frequent benefits and bonuses, granted by Play65™ in various modes of play.Backgammon GameBackgammon is one of the most intriguing games; leaning on a rich convoluted history. Deepen your knowledge in this thrilling skill and luck based game, by reading interesting backgammon game related articles.Backgammon for MoneyWhat is backgammon for money? When and how should you start to play it? What are the options of earning money in backgammon? The following articles will answer all of your questions about the exciting backgammon for money mode.How to Play BackgammonAll the information you may need in order to learn how to play backgammon well. Start with a basic acquaintance of the fundamental backgammon rules; and progress to advanced tips, recommended opening moves and educational backgammon related articles, for the sake of all skill level players.Backgammon MastersRead about backgammon masters and backgammon championships online and around the world. Play65™’s articles review the professional world of backgammon. Backgammon Strategy A large assortment of backgammon articles, involving tips, details, and professional advises regarding backgammon strategies, backgammon tactics, calculations and the great importance of playing a well planned game.Backgammon VariantsBackgammon game has dozens of versions, separated by special backgammon rules, different initial board set-up, number of participants etc. Play65™ presents detailed reviews of the most popular and prominent backgammon variants; such as Acey-Deucey, Dutch Backgammon, Tavli and many more.